Week 6 content overview and readings

Content overview for this week

This week, we’ll start with an introduction to OSC and supercomputers. Then, we’ll see how we can submit shell scripts to OSC’s queue for compute jobs with the widely-used SLURM resource manager. Finally, we will learn about installing and managing software with Conda, and loading pre-installed software with the “module” system.

Some of the things you will learn this week:


This week’s required reading is a little unusual, as it is not a book chapter. Instead, you will read part of the OSC documentation. There are some pointers below, but you are welcome to use your own judgment in how much you want to read. You are also encouraged to simply look around on OSC’s website a bit to get an idea of what’s there, and bookmark pages that you think will be useful for you later on.

Required readings

Part of the OSC documentation:

Optional readings


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