General information about your final project

Devising a project

The goal for your final project is to apply some of the things you have learned during this course, and allow you to get you more practice. While some aspects are required in order to get a good grade (see Graded aspects below), you have a fair amount of freedom. I recommend that you take advantage of that to make your final project as useful as possible for your own research and/or personal development.

Graded aspects for the project focus on documentation, reproducibility, and automation. Accordingly, there are no real requirements for the level of complexity or sophistication, the number of scripts, the real-world usefulness, and so on. I would in fact recommend you take care not to be too ambitious in this regard: start small and then expand if you are able to.

Some examples of possible types of projects:

If you need help with selecting a dataset or a project topic, don’t hesitate to contact me (Jelmer). I don’t currently have any ready-to-go project ideas with accompanying data sets, but I could make one or more, if needed.

Graded aspects

Graded aspects of your project focus on appropriate usage of many of the tools and principles we covered during the course.

To receive a high grade, your project should:

Steps (checkpoints)

Information about expectations for each of the steps (checkpoints) for the project will be provided in the content for individual weeks. Below is an overview which will be updated with the links:


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