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This is the GitHub website for the course Practical Computing Skills for Biologists, a 2-credit online-only course at Ohio State University during the Spring semester of 2021. The course is taught as a section of Current Topics in Plant Pathology (PLNTPTH8300) by Jelmer Poelstra from the MCIC.

Course description

As datasets have rapidly grown larger in biology, coding has been recognized as an increasingly important skill for biologists. Yet in fact, basic coding skills and “computational thinking” are highly beneficial for any scientist, paving the way for more efficient, robust, and reproducible research.

In this course, students will gain hands-on experience with a set of general and versatile tools for day-to-day work with data sets small and large alike. The course’s focus is on foundational skills such as working in the Unix shell, coding in Python, organizing, documenting, version-controlling and sharing research, submitting jobs to a compute cluster, and building flexible workflows. Taken together, this will allow students to reproduce their own work, and have others reproduce their work, with as little as a single command.

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See also the page Practical course information and the full syllabus (PDF).

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